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For this meeting, which will take place in the back room at Geordie's Restaurant, we will watch Buster Keaton in Beckett's Film (1965).  The screenplay is linked to this page, as is the film itself.  We will also make our way through Beckett's criticism, including "Dante...Bruno.Vico..Joyce" (the dots represent centuries) and "Proust."  Proust is linked to this page; the Joyce essay is in the reader on pages 105-30.

Geordie's Restaurant is at 1586 S. High Street, South of German Village (just before the intersection with Rte. 104).  There is some parking in the unmarked lot behind the restaurant.  The back room is on the left in the rear as you go in.  There's plenty of food and drink available, so come hungry and thirsty.  We will go from 7-9 p.m. on Tuesday October 22.

From top:  Monkeys playing Chess ("What, you're sacrificing your Queen!  Sheer Madness") - Beckett's choice of cover for Murphy; Billie Whitelaw in Play; Winnie in Happy Days; Nag and Nell in Endgame

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