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Molloy is the first book in a trilogy written in French after the Second World War.  The first part of the first book is narrated by the title character, who spends two paragraphs (one short, one very long) recounting how he does the following things on his journey to his mother's room:

1) hides behind a rock and sees two men, A and C

2) bicycles with crutches fastened to the handlebars

3) is arrested for doing that

4) is released and runs over a dog

5) is rescued from a howling mob by the dog's owner, Lousse

6) stays with Lousse until she steals his bicycle and poisons him, replacing the dog in her affections

7) walks with crutches to the seashore and sucks sixteen stones in sequence

8) makes a circular path through a forest

9) falls into a ditch and is taken without his knowledge to his mother's room.

The text of Part I is given on pages 210-329 of the reader.  We will meet to discuss this first part on Tuesday October 29 from 7-9 p.m. (concentrating on the sucking stones on 298-305).  Our meeting place is Reece and Odessie's - see e-mail for directions.

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