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The Well-Tempered Klavier, Book 1

A set of links to recordings of Bach's Well-Tempered Klavier, Book I.


Volume 1, titled "WTF: The Album" was recorded over the month of February 2020 on a Grotrian Steinway upright in Tampere, Finland.  Each recording in Volume 1 is followed by a short commentary on the piece written at the time of recording.  To play the pieces in Volume 1 along with their commentary, click here.  To hear the recordings in Volume 1 without pausing, click on the left picture above ("WTF: The Album") and the entire playlist will appear.  The image provided for each recording in the first set is in a different color, for reasons explained in the first post and in the blog.

Volume 2, titled "F#-B" was recorded over the months of April-September 2020 on a Hamburg Steinway baby grand in Columbus, Ohio.   To hear the recordings in Volume 2 without pausing, click on the right picture above ("Volume 2: F#-B") and the entire playlist will appear.  The commentary for this second set of recordings is found in the blog for each month, beginning here.

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