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October 2019 Meeting

III.4 (2)

Our second meeting is on Tuesday October 1.  We will do the bit we skipped ("Gauze off heaven - To bed" (FW 566.28-576.17), which is sometimes called the "Honophrius" section, and generally seen as the strangest section of the Wake.  After the apostrophe to Adam and Eve (576-77), we will get back to the "multimirror megaron of returningties," with which we ended last time (FW 582.20-21) and cruise to the end of the section.


Our meeting will take place at Strongwater Food and Spirits in the old (larger) room, from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  Strongwater is at 401 W. Town St. in Franklinton.

Dog in Sand_edited.jpg

A Dog, Head of a Dog, The Buried Dog, The Half-Drowned Dog, The Half-Submerged Dog, The Drowned Dog; translations of the Spanish names El Perro or Perro Semihundido.

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